A Letter from the CEO: Regarding the Tariffs

"With the real potential of being required to pay 25% duties on much of our imported wine from France, I wanted to communicate our Company position as it relates to this situation. Indeed, during OND there are many activities I would prefer to engage in, but when external events like this are thrust upon us, they have my undivided attention...

We are constantly focused on doing what is best for our suppliers who create the brands and our distribution partners who represent the brands we import to the US market.  We are mindful that this new tax could be short lived, or it could last a very long time.  It could change dramatically, and effect all wine from France, or the tariffs could be expanded to include every country that we import from.  This could be only the beginning of a delicate trade situation where we are at the mercy of forces beyond our control.

As a result, we are going to be taking a purposeful approach as we move forward.  We are committed to all of our suppliers and we see the value in the products that we represent.  If costs must increase as a result of the new tariffs, both Kindred Vines as well as our distribution partners will reposition the value of the brands in the market place relative to wines from other domestic and international brands.  

We will be listening to our suppliers and working with you to achieve your goals for the US market, knowing that you are concerned about maintaining the market presence that you currently have and to grow it.  In some scenarios our suppliers will want to offer temporary discounts to insure that prices do not inflate too dramatically. In others the market may be able to absorb the increases. In any case, we will be looking for a win-win solution and we will be thinking with the long term in mind.

Additionally, we will be working very closely with our valued distribution partners, and sharing ideas that will maintain our position in the marketplace and look for opportunities to grow.

We believe this is a great time to strengthen our resolve and dedicate ourselves to focusing on all of the opportunities in front of us.  We believe that despite any tariffs that are placed on the products that we import, by working together we will mitigate the potential negative impact they may have on our performance. We are so very proud to represent an exceptional portfolio of fantastic wine producers, and we look forward to a great OND and a terrific 2020.  


Daniel F Glisky Jr.
CEO & Managing Partner
Kindred Vines Import Company

Daniel F. Glisky, Jr. CEO


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